Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Patricia and I collaborated on a block print project for the Great Art House Print Exchange. The exhibition will be held at The Brooklyn Art Library on July 16th. For participating we will also receive 15 prints from other artists, so it should be fun to see their take on the theme: "It'll be fun, I swear." Here are some more images on Patricia's flickr page.


Hard to believe that over a week has gone by since the Urban Artists Collective (uac) gallery show debut at Willo North Gallery. I thought it went well as there was a steady crowd throughout the night having a great time enjoying the local art scene.

The Phoenix downtown scene is yearning for a serious art venue that still maintains an urban fresh edge and I'm hoping that with so many artists in our neighborhood, we can contribute in giving this hot city (and right now, I do mean hot) its vibrancy that it deserves.

The show is up through the end of July with events planned for Third Friday and July's First Friday.

Friday, June 4, 2010


photo by Jill Lawrence, uac member

Urban Artists Collective (uac) debut gallery show is on First Friday, June 4th 2010, at Willo North Gallery. Much preparation went into putting the show together. The artists pitched in and helped hang and coordinate the space. Here I am figuring out some final touches. Come in to see the creative and varied work of uac.