Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What results will I accomplish today? The beauty of the handmade paper is that uncertainty, that imperfection and this is how I approach my prints. I have a general idea, carve it out, sometimes changing in midstream and the result is almost secondary. I enjoy the harmonious balance of ink on paper and how it tells stories on so many levels.

Pat and I spent a few hours getting some prints done, because our friend, Mary C. Leto, will be taking a booth at In the Spirit, the Art and Craft of Hand Papermaking, sponsored by Friends of Dard Hunter, in Atlanta. She kindly offered to take some of our work with her. Since this is a papermaking conference we bought some handmade paper at the Paper Studio, a local paper and printing space, run by Cindy Iverson.

View more of the prints on flickr.

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