Thursday, July 8, 2010


Nearly a year has gone by since the burial of my dog. I remember holding her cold stiff body in my arms one last time before I laid her down and buried her.  Soon after, I carved out this print and wanted her to be a part of much of my artwork. Late August marks the first anniversary of her death and this was the only artwork I've done of her since. Life has kept me busy, and sometimes days go by without even thinking of her, but every now and then I do and it makes me happy...and it makes me sad. Perhaps this now old print will inspire me again to remember her. Goodbye again Brenna B. Jones.

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  1. One of the things I loved about Brenna was her Roomba-esque quality. It seemed like she was always working every inch of the floor looking for treats or crumbs, and if you reached down to pet her she would wag her tail for a second and then move on, as if to say "not now, I'm busy." I'll never forget the clicking of her nails and her head to body size ratio.